The lamp replacement guide

Choose a bulb to replace

The user browses and chooses which light bulb is to be replaced.

Choose effect

The user sets the light bulb's wattage
using a slider.


The new bulb's recommended lumen value is presented along with a list of the most energy efficient options – LED, CFL and halogen. Also, the approximate cost saving for each alternative is shown.

A mobile application from the Swedish Energy Agency


Incandescent light bulbs were banned by the EU Ecodesign Directive in September 2012. The phase out has been going on from 2009 with non-clear bulbs being the first to go. This means that consumers no longer find their “regular” light bulbs in stores and that they will have to find a replacement. It is a change that is reflected in every home, and many consumers find it difficult to choose. How can the Swedish Energy Agency support people to choose the right kind of bulb and become more energy conscious consumers?

Our solution

It was easy enough when you could choose a 40, 60, 75 or 100 watt bulb and had a rough idea of how bright that would be. But when using new lighting solutions like CFLs and LEDs, wattage doesn’t give a fair measurement of brightness any more. Instead one needs to look at the lumens, which is the standard unit of light as it is perceived by the human eye. We built a mobile application that contains an easy to use step-by-step tool, conversion table and information about bulbs and lighting. Lampguiden – The lamp replacement guide was launched for iOS and Android in September 2012.